PER Navajo Nation Resolution CJA-09-18 and Legislation No. 0366-17 Criminal Code Cyberbullying: Under the existing offense of Manslaughter: “A person commits manslaughter if the person recklessly causes or contributes to the death of another, including via electronic communication device”. Stalking: “Making unwanted or frightening contact with another through postal mail, internet, or electronic communication, including but not limited to radio, fax, phone, texting, or email”. Harassment: “A person commits harassment when that person intentionally or knowingly causes emotional distress to another by repeatedly shaming, degrading, humiliating, placing in fear, or otherwise abusing personal dignity, including via electronic communication device.”   Karen Bedonie for New Mexico campaign will proceed with legal action against anyone who violates the Navajo Nation Cyberbullying Code on this web page and all other social media platforms.  This includes using media in defamation efforts to injure her and her loved ones, especially that of the youth that surround her.


Fundamental Law teaches Navajo people that humans are to respect one another even if our opinions differ from one another as humans. Remember who Karen Bedonie is before you comment inappropriate behavior upon her person the directly impact her children, her spouse and her family. Mrs. Bedonie is following her rightful dreams as a Diné woman, in accordance with Navajo law and fundamental law of the Sovereign Navajo Indian Nation.