• Karen Bedonie

2021 Inauguration Thoughts

The sun still rose in the East and I was still very much okay this morning. The murmuring of the 'what-if' hype was crazy, too high for me to gladly pump into. Still, I held steady and quiet, mostly out of respect and to re-center my mind and prepare for the worst but have hope for the present. I watched group chats fall apart as the weak hearted Patriots began to squirm and grow anger in their hearts, screaming in the night like lost calves... But, it's all okay, as the sun will rise in the morning again.

Over the past four years (five - if you supported the Trump candidacy in 2015) we have learned so much, the most intense altering of our lives and in history. A reflection backward of your individual self and how much you have grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally as a woke conservative is quite the accomplishment. Leaps and bounds, I have also evolved. I used to be socially labeled as a simple female, a victim and an incompetent "Indian", the safe labels attached to me and deemed acceptable by local interaction. However, today, I am a Patriot, a true American my way and I give no cares for any validation. I have grown into a force, as my husband whispered his reflection of me as we drifted off to sleep. He explained what his eyes see when he looks upon me, as his wife. I inhaled his truth and I am ever thankful, for the road we traveled once looked absolutely impossible. But, we are making it, together.

As we stand outside our doors, how do we see ourselves? Do we see strong vibrant Americans, ready to put the work into the task at hand (Trump was the first stepping stone)?


Do we see, crippled "Got Played" people that believed in a nutty conspiracy of a single ONE to save us?

I am a strong and vibrant American and I am just getting started. Donald J. Trump was never an idol nor our Savior, that is God's role and our job to complete our earthly history. I am thankful for Trump and his unsealing of the truth that allowed me to grow from being a blind acceptor to becoming a great American Native American Indian Woman that was required to think and seek the truth every single day for five years. My God, thank you for my mind. Oh, how I have learned so much and have contributed to my own personal growth, a gift no one can take from me. I have never studied so much in all my life.

My heart goes out to the Trump family, especially Melania, who is the female of the family and will be the one to quiet instances of her husband's reflection as they sit together. She will have to heal him and create a restful place for him to recharge... I know this role and it is not easy for a wife of a strong man. God bless the Trump family and may God create understanding for those that hate him so much. May the lessons be as sharp as their tongues and the clarity be amazing, especially for those that should know better.

As for this inauguration, I saw gaga sing our National Anthem and flashes of her eating human parts and licking naked bodily fluid and gladly participating in horrendous Satanic activity flooded my mind. Her voice was not beautiful nor Patriotically epic, just words with no meaning... Of the thousands of times I cried during the National Anthem, I did not tear up as her voice of "HOME OF THE BRAVE" did nothing for my heart...for the true BRAVE watched her in disgust.

What a day in history.... We must continue to move forward in our lives. The next chapter in our history will be ---> What did we do about it?

Election Reform has now become the priority. Every country clerk seat must be challenged by relentless upholding of the elected seat to the people. Every clerk seat must be reseated. For I see no more party color, I see only heart. Rest Patriots... Spring cometh. Plant, live well and watch the masses begin to suffer the Byeden effects. God speed.


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