• Karen Bedonie

Dear Chinle,

First, why do you even care to come here to spread negativity and ill comprehension. Why do you feel inclined, it's kind of weird and shows massive abundance of time on your part? I hope you find peace and toil for your family. Work is good.

Second, I am no politician, I do everything unlike politicians, and I am not interested in a career... I believe in TERM LIMITS. I am, however, a wonderful American and the wonderful Diné wife and mother. I am true Patriot and Trump happened to be the candidate that was brave enough for 2016-2020. I supported him, but never blindly. I am still my own person and I am very happy being me.

Please research Spirit Cooking --->Lady Gaga (Who, the Biden Administration intentionally, had sing the National Anthem today). Your demons are in plain sight. Sorry, your message has zero impact today. God bless.

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