• Karen Bedonie

Hold the Line!

We know what is happening. It is time to refocus ourselves and our beings. We must pray, study, ponder and prepare for the future of our children. A robust spirit, mind, heart and body are what is required. History is unfolding. Knowledge is our weapon. When I rise, New Mexico will feel my feet hit the ground, until then, I will hold the line.... Hold the line Patriots. Trust the plan. Trust our President. Trust our resilience. Fight everyday, more than just physically to hold the line!!! We are transitioning into lines of Patriots vs. Communists. The growing pains will test our will and understanding... Read, study, grow in knowledge and HOLD THE LINE! Read your bibles, pray and study. Hold the line! I am here. We will re-solidify our America via our Republic. Hold the line in your hearts and minds.

I love you all... It will all be ok.


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