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Thank you for all the many messages pouring in. Here are a few...

Social Media has targeted conservatives and this makes me feel confident that they have realized that we can no longer be controlled nor contained. Media of the LEFT have really hit the panic button. Congress will need to have "230" axed and hold big tech accountable as well as the fake news networks. Action is what our hearts desire. However, what brings me awareness, is the knowledge that many are cheering on the conservative oppression and do not realize the attack on the FREEDOM that allows them word vomit freely, for soon enough, the left will happily muzzle them so that they can squeeze the public harder. Definite labels of sheep vs. intellectual conservatives have been created and slapped on. I find it amusing that the sheep still try to bark, but they can never really bite either (more easter grass all around please!). As for now, my mind is only available for the clean and positive support of the free thinking. All others can scream hatred at Trump and Patriots silently into the abyss...We can't hear you.

Everything is ok. I am here, making my own environment and beating the oppression my way. I am preserving the beauty that surrounds me.

God Bless you as well... Yes, I am here. I saw the actions of Social Media so I prepared. Then, it happened to many wonderful Patriots... deletion of accounts without warning. 5,000 friends wiped out, I figure if you searched, you'd find me. I'm so glad you did. May your family be blessed during this time and clarity of a good doorway be presented to us, for we love our country and pray for our America.

Yes, of course! Leave a message and I will most definitely read it as I move through my day. I am hoping for a very solid Patriotic platform in the future. Take care out there!!!! Blessed be...


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