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Facebook and Twitter are a thing of the past now. Cancel culture targeted so many conservative Patriots including our President of the United States. I lost 10,000 fb/twitter attachments and many, many followers. I hope some find this website, I am glad you made it. Today, I decided to reset and stay home with my children. Hot tortillas being made on the wood stove is the best smell mid-winter in Northern New Mexico as the house rushes in from the cold to grab a round of hot comfort.

A text came in, "Karen are we going to feel the battle?" Yes, yes we are... can you feel it? It's a battle of good and evil and we are each responsible for all parts of being that make up LIFE. First is Spirituality, we must take up our energy and see the positive outcome. Two volcanos didn't erupt this week for nothing (Hawaii and Mexico). Energy of a living Mother. Our Mother Earth is living. During this time, step back and witness the weak and the afraid among us... and also, witness the calm and the strength of grand Patriots, American Patriots that are unafraid. The ones that are solid in faith and knowledge, we know a truth that makes sense. Thus, we RESET for a moment and wait. If we know our Mother Earth is living, then our Mother America is living (the land that we love), Lady Liberty and Lady Justice are also living and, Mother America's armor of the Constitution is living. If we respect such aspects of our applications in a living life, how do we allow the cold communists to stab and slay her so easily? These are my thoughts as the fire crackles and pops with an aroma of heat, love. Honor thy Mother and thy Father. Our Father in Heaven, I keep you in my mind and heart as continuously as possible. Our parents as Americans, we are so lucky to have. As a Navajo being, my mother is the land and the medicine, thus America that is FREE and brilliant. My father is the Creator and the energy he masters in every possible thing and space of our understanding, thus he is the most robust in the fireplace. It all makes perfect sense and fits in my heart organically. From the land came the seed and grain watered by the Creator to ultimately provide us with flour for my bowl. With action and fire, I have made hot bread for my family... it all works perfectly together in every aspect of life. Therefore, to "hold the line" we must hold it with our energy of prayer and belief. Do not be defeated, for he is with us.

Today, I was asked to ponder... "When one is alone, do we know the answers to tough questions that we ask ourselves? For example, Is God real?"

Interestingly, I allowed my mind to ask it, and my being exploded. "Is God real?" What a silly question to even ask Karen, but it can only be answered with in your own mind truthfully. The places your mind takes you, Karen, is either to solid confirmation or a further flooding of questions. If I singularly ask, answer and achieve comfort, then, I will know my strength. If I singularly ask, and have doubt and unsure notions, then, I will know my weakness. Hmmm, what a very personal conclusion. Is God real? I flash of confirmation washed over me. A smile came across my mouth, and I finished my tea. He is with me, so... yes. With that knowledge, I must Hold the Line from my place as deeply as possible. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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