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Thoughts on Real Feminism

Updated: Feb 10

When a woman experiences growing a tiny person within her and endures the mind blowing labor pains and the intense process that brings her child into the world, the highest level of amazing strength and willpower is unwrapped. The ability to extend life beyond herself and create an extension of her time on this earth manifests. The process of that growth and accepting and honoring the intense truth of being a natural FEMALE, no matter the challenges, is the key to blessings and peace. These were the teachings of my people and my grandparents. My role as a natural female was encouraged to become a centered mother, a natural woman.

When I carried my babies, I grew deeper spiritually, mentally and emotionally, more than I have ever before and realized my inner strength and the ability of my female mind's train of thought. I prayed and spoke to my babies in my womb and promised them I'd do the best I could, but mostly because I was terrified of failure and also the experience of birthing-labor was a gnawing daily fear. I worried about their development and their tiny fingers and every hair on their heads, thus I ate and nourished as best as I could within my tight young economic budget. And... through the process, I discovered the real ability of my intimate personal power and the course of my willingness to be independent and individually, me. This evolvement process should drive the female human mind to weigh morality, values and the course of life, and mostly a direct connective comfort and dedication to the Creator. It's an awakening step I have come to realize.

However, not all that have birthed children have picked up the lessons and bathed in the process. Whatever the circumstances, the experience is a gift and some woman, by systematic DEFAULT, have forfeited much and chosen to neglect it all. They do press forward with; disconnection with their baby, abortions, created child abuse, child neglect, contribute to relationship dysfunction, embrace self neglect, irrational teachings, selfishness and ultimately, system dependence. The victim mentally kicks in and the social systems happily reward and encourage this dependency. The extended perpetual default of this phenomenon also impacts the males and the system works tirelessly to squeeze their masculinity into an oblivion. These are the actual beginnings of evidences of socialism in my communities that I have been enduring and growing past my whole life.

Our 2021 human minds have forgotten the role of the female and the male and our society (especially the Holy Diné teachings which are male and female) has flown off into a tangent of ridiculous angry self proclaimed feminists armed with masculine hatred and a jumbled-mixed-up-smorgasbord of colored hair, glitter and random mouthy insults.

Lonesome immaturity tell the leftist its a proclamation of true feminism to poop in the streets, bare their empty milk-less boobs for the media,

wear dresses if you are male and also disrespect and curse at the real mothers of our Nation. Such a discussion I had with my daughters who watched Chaz fail epically in a spectacular display of backwards empowerment of the mouth with no heart and no spirit. Empty logic and pure disconnection of reality was the outcome. Honestly, demanding Evian water and vegan friendly donations of food, whilst every manufacturing aspect of their designer gear, clothing, tents, guns, ammo, spray paint, treated OSB/lumber, hair dye, ice coolers, plastic water bottles all screamed PETROLEUM and we haven't even began to calculate the petroleum exercised in shipment.

Over the passed years of my life, I have found that many of today's politicians are childless, which makes me ponder the lack of the human experience and shallow disposition of life and economics that we are forced to endure under their weakness of their personal lack of. How do they know what I need as a mother and my family, when they know not our struggles, experiences, hopes or dreams? What about what our sons and husbands needs? I would have relished to hear the great Conservative women who were driven to fight not only for their country but the country that their children and grandchildren that would live in as well. Those Conservative women were amazing fighters of history.

Instead, we are overloaded with a spectrum of harping picky single women that want to make change for the Nation with their limited sight. The AOC's of the nation, demanding they know what is best for our tables and lands is a major deficiency in our process toward a strong and solid country that began with God, family survival, child rearing, nurturing evolution and the legacy of our children into the future. It is upon CHILD BIRTHING LABOR PAIN that our population grows in every aspect. The Builders of our Nation were God fearing men and had projection for the furthermost of their legacy and through their children and the word of God. Ultimately, every Builder had a mother. Our Nation needs mothers to stand up. We have given the reigns up and silenced our own voices because we were too busy raising families. Because of COVID, we are now losing everything. We now are being forced to move forward for our children and their future. That is God's grace... the emotionally intelligent experienced women that raised a nation, endured suffering and are battled tested by the process of growing LIFE ---> the 'babies to adults' experiences are required... When shit goes wrong, we call MOM.

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